New! BreezEV S48 Electric Vehicle Charger

April 4 2023

BreezEV S48 electric vehicle chargerBrand new to the BreezEV line of electric vehicle chargers is the S48 model, offering the simplest operation available. It is perfect for residential use, low traffic areas, or other locations where payment through a network connection is not needed. The S48 replaces the older non-networked model and has a straightforward, plug and play capability. Like the networked P48 model, it features Level 2 charging and works with every type of electric vehicle. It has a capacity up to 48 amps, but can be switched down to 40, 32, or 24 amps.

The BreezEV S48 EV charger does not need an internet connection in order to work, nor does it need to have software installed. Everything needed to install and use the S48 comes in the box, including a 1-foot NEMA 14-50 power cord, an 18-foot charging cable with SAE J1772 connector, a connector holster & cable hook, and mounting hardware. Different lighting on the housing can easily indicate modes of operation at a glance. For example, the outer ring will light blue while the vehicle is charging, while the center logo lights green once charging is finished. Other indicators, such as the logo glowing red or amber, can alert you to potential electrical errors like over voltage or ground faults. The S48 electric vehicle charger can be used inside or outside, on a 208V or 240V circuit.

While nothing else is required for mounting the S48 to a wall, there are additional parts that can be purchased if mounting it to a pedestal is preferred. Like the P48 model, it can be mounted singularly on a pedestal or two can be mounted side-by-side on a pedestal using a bracket. Pedestals can come with or without additional cable management. Cable management helps keep the charging cable off the ground and less prone to damage. The BreezEV S48 wall mount charger can be ordered online, however if you wish to have it mounted to a pedestal, please contact us for a quote or if you have further questions.