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*Please note that for most parts the locking nut and O-Ring are sold separately*

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Sealcon Strain Relief Fittings have many benefits

Sealcon strain relief fittings feature a NEMA 4X and 6 (IP68 and IP69K) and 150 PSIG pressure rating as well as V0 flammability rating according to UL 94, is unsurpassed by others. Sealcon strain relief cord grips are used in in the following applications and industries: Solar, Wind, Oil & Gas (ATEX / IECEx), Pumps, Filters, Fans, Transducers, Sensors, Scales, Flow Meters, Lighting, Motors, Encoders, Power Supplies, Antennas, Harnesses for Pool & Spa, Car Wash, Dairy, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Petro, Telecom, Automotive, Traffic, Robotics, Medical, Packaging, Automation, Marine and many more Industries.

The complete line of Sealcon liquid tight strain relief fittings is handled by Major Electronix. Both the nickel plated brass and nylon plastic strain relief fittings are usable in many different kinds of applications and industries. These two types of liquid tight fittings also share many features. They can be submerged up to 300 feet and are liquid tight to 150 psi. The strain relief fittings are resistant to flame and corrosion from salt water, gasoline, alcohol and various other chemicals. These Sealcon strain relief fittings are known for their durability and RoHS and Deca BDE approved. The large selection of liquid tight fittings available ensures that some type of fitting will be suited to meet your needs. The form seal is stopped from being pulled out of the fittings due to the self locking ACME thread. The cable then has pull-out protection from damage. The size of the cable opening can be adjusted by changing out the standard or reduced inserts. There is also a line of strain relief dome fittings offering a wide range of multi-hole inserts. The black nylon plastic liquid tight strain relief fittings are resistant to Ozone and UV rays, making them ideal for use in outdoor, sunny conditions. The nickel plated brass strain relief features anti-rotation grooves to keep the cable from rotating while the nut is tightened, making them easy to install. Sealcon nickel plated brass dome fittings and flex fittings are available, along with nylon plastic fittings, which also come in both dome and flex versions. Corresponding locknuts in nickel plated brass and nylon plastic locknuts are also offered, along with accessories such as seal/O-rings and cable gland plugs. Cable glands with multi-hole inserts are available in nickel plated brass or nylon plastic, while other dome cord grips come in PVDF or stainless steel (along with steel locknuts).

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