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Control Cabinet LED Lighting

Seifert & HTP control cabinet lighting includes LED bulbs that are intended for use in electrical panels and enclosures. The Seifert LED lighting for cabinets can be mounted using magnets or by screw mounting for a more permanent cabinet lighting installation. The HTP LEDs have M12 connections, with a female connector on one end and a male connector on the other. HTP LEDs are available in lengths of 250mm, 500mm, 1 meter, 25", or 50" accommodate the size of your cabinet. The Seifert LEDs are controlled either with a switch or by a motion sensor and have a 14" length. Up to 16 of the Seifert lights can be connected at the same time through a daisy chain. Accessories include the Seifert cables used for LED daisy chain or input connections, as well as Wieland connectors.
Switch over to cabinet LED lighting and enjoy lower operating costs, greater light lifespan, and improved luminous efficiency.