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ILME Bulkhead Mount Housings & Bases

Major Electronix handles the complete line of ILME bulkhead mount housings. Bulkhead mount housings come in a large variety of sizes, with some double size housings accommodating up to two compatible inserts. They are mostly constructed from die cast aluminum although some of the 21.21 housings are polyamide. There is also an insulating version made from thermoplastic. Various styles of bulkhead mount bases can include one or two levers, with or without a cover. When attached to a compatible size rectangular hood, these rectangular housings can achieve an IP 65 or IP 66 rating. This ensures that they have total protection from dust and water jets from any direction. They are made to be resilient against stress or impact, while the clamping force exerted by these rectangular bases remains constant. The sizes of bulkhead mount housings include 21.21, 32.13, 44.27, 49.16, 57.27, 66.16, 66.4, 77.27, 77.62, 104.27 and 104.62. These sizes refer to the insert center dimension of the housing, such as 21 x 21 mm, 32 x 13 mm, and so on. Rectangular housings can be used for many different types of applications, including electronic machines, control equipment and electrical panels. Other specialized versions include those for high temperatures, EMI resistance, aggressive environments, high voltage, hygienic applications, and IP 68 rated.