Red Lion Sixnet Industrial Ethernet Switches

July 24, 2015

Sixnet Industrial Ethernet SwitchesRed Lion Sixnet series industrial Ethernet switches are now available through Major Electronix. This line includes both managed and unmanaged switches, as well as monitored ring switches. The Sixnet switches we offer come from the SL and SLX series of SlimLine Ethernet switches. These units are all DIN-Rail mountable and feature compact housings, so they won't take up much space. They can all meet the demands of industrial environments and networks, being rated for Class I, Div 2 and Zone 2 hazardous locations. They all have plug and play capability, which eliminates the need for a complicated user set-up or configuration during installation.

The SL series, or the Light SlimLine series, features a high MTBF of over one million hours. These switches also carry surge protection as well as dual power inputs for redundancy and added reliability. The SL series housings can be panel mounted if necessary, and are made from Lexan, which is a type of thermoplastic. They can have 2 to 9 ports, with some including 100BaseFX fiber ports along with 10/100BaseTX RJ45 ports. This series works best for light and moderate size networks. The ring switches have Real-Time Ring monitoring, a fast recovery time, and the ability to prioritize traffic. They come pre-configured to reduce the amount of set-up time.

The SLX, or Standard SlimLine Plus series, is intended for even more demanding applications. Housed in a hardened metal case, they offer various combinations of RJ45 and fiber connections, and can have 3 to 18 ports. The unmanaged switches have several of the same basic features of the SL series, such as dual inputs and high MTBF. Ring switches are also similar to the SL series, as they carry many of the same monitoring capabilities, such as Modbus over Ethernet and port mirroring. The managed switches build on that to include even more management features along with port monitoring, such as RSTP, SNMP & IGMP. They can also make use of security encryption and protocols such as HTTPS and SSL for further reliability. The SLX series includes Power over Ethernet (PoE) and gigabit capable units as well.