Major's 5005 Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

April 8 2016

Major 5005 Wire Stripping MachineAs part of the 5000 series of electric bench top wire stripping machines from Major Electronix, the 5005 operates by an electric motor, which provides more precise cutting. It can accommodate 20-14 AWG wire, working with mainly PVC insulation. Like the other wire strippers, basic features include user-friendly operation, a light weight design, compact housing, and easy portability. It is used for single conductor wire, and can strip different sizes without needing to change blades.

The 5005 operates in a similar fashion our other wire strippers, with a unique feature being automatic sensing of the correct wire size. This requires no input from the user, making the whole process quicker. The only adjustment needed is for choosing the stripping length or pull off length, which can be anywhere from 3 to 20 mm. The integrated digital touch display is a recently added feature that can display either metric or US standard measurements, and can also show the wire gauge, strip/pull off length, and a cycle count. The cycle time on the 5005 wire stripper is only 0.5 seconds, for a very fast operation. Keep in mind that none of the 5000 series wire stripping machines are made to strip wire for scrap.

It features a carrying handle, and at only 16.5 lbs, the portability allows it to be taken right to a work area. The drawer on the bottom collects any scraps, and can be easily emptied when full. The funneled entry makes it simple to feed wire into the machine. Very little maintenance is needed to run the 5005, with an occasional light coat of oil typically being the only care needed. Repairs and other services are available for our wire strippers. If there is any uncertainty on whether this machine will work for you, you can send us a sample of the wire you need to strip and we can test it for you.