Mencom MAC Series 1/2"-20 Connectors

July 23 2019

Mencom MAC Series 1/2-20 ConnectorsMajor Electronix is now offering the Mencom MAC, or Micro-AC, series of 1/2"-20 connectors through our online store. The number 1/2"-20 refers to the diameter and the number of threads per inch. This series includes cordsets, receptacles, and hardwired connectors. While they appear to have the same size and shape as the MDC series of M12 connectors, they do have a few differences.

The MAC series 1/2"-20 connectors differ from their M12 counterparts not just because of the different thread size. They also have a different wiring color code and a different keyway. Mencom's 1/2"-20 connectors have a C-coded dual keyway as opposed to the A-coded single keyway on their M12 connectors. The pin locations are also in different configurations. This distinguishes the two series visually so that one doesn't get mixed up with another, thereby getting connected into the wrong application. Just as MDC does not refer to DC connectors, MAC does not refer to AC connectors.

Cordsets have 3-6 pins with standard cable lengths of 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 10, or 15 meters. The cordsets all feature a ground pin with green/yellow ground wire. They are rated IP 67 and are UL/CUL listed. Cables can have PVC or PUR jackets, with some versions featuring shielded wire. Hardwired connectors are available with 3 pins and are rated for 250V, while the cordsets are 300V or 600V. Receptacles have 3-6 pins and are rated for 300V. They have a standard 1-foot lead length. The 1/2"-20 connectors can be put to a number of uses in automation, especially those involving sensors. A selection of cordsets is currently available, with receptacles and field wireable connectors coming soon. Other more customized options, such as armored cable, can be ordered by email or over the phone.