MURR Form A Specialty DIN Connectors

April 22, 2013

MURR Form A DIN ConnectorMajor Electronix now offers specialty circuit DIN 43650 connectors from MURR. DIN 43650 connectors are typically used in solenoid valves, but are found in many other industries as well. They are Form A connectors, meaning they have 18mm pin spacing between 2 U-shape pins. The connectors are metric to accommodate 5-10mm cable and come in 2 + ground and 3 + ground. They feature housings that are able to resist substances such as oils and chemicals. LEDs can be red, green or yellow, depending on the part and its intended function. These Form A connectors are available in a number of different configurations, including features such as MOV suppression, Z-diodes, bridge rectifiers, resistor-capacitors or switching amplifiers.

All these different circuit features provide some form of protection. MOV suppression gives overvoltage protection to the source and load. When voltage is exceeded, Z-Diodes, also known as Zener diodes, are able to redirect a surge and cut off the circuit. Bridge rectifiers convert AC input into DC output. Resistor-capacitors absorb and discharge power surges. Switching amplifiers can be in an on or off state, and control the output. Connectors with pressure sensors to confirm the state of pressure switches are also available.

Like other MURR connectors, these Form A 43650 DIN connectors carry PCT approval and an IP 65 rating when plugged in. IP65 notes the level of protection these connectors have against dust and water. Gaskets come integrated and the center screw is included.