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DuraChoice Temperature & Pressure Gauges

DuraChoice thermometers and pressure gauges are available in a variety of dial sizes and ranges. Most feature stainless steel casings, although the dry utility pressure gauges have painted steel casings. They have dual scales, with the pressure gauges showing PSI/Bar and the thermometers displaying both Fahrenheit & Celsius. The oil filled pressure gauges have a liquid filling to promote reliable accuracy and extend the life of the gauge by keeping components lubricated. Pressure scales range up to 6000 PSI, depending on the model. Thermometers can be in a fixed position, or adjustable. Temperature scales are 0-250 F or 50-500 F. Also available are thermowells, which protect temperature instruments in applications in which they may be exposed to corrosive materials. They also allow the thermometer to be removed without potentially damaging equipment.

Pressure Gauge & Thermometer Articles

3/23/2018 - Pressure Gauges & Thermometers from DuraChoice