Foot Switches from Kacon

November 18, 2019

A new addition to the Major Electronix online store is the line of foot switches from Kacon. They are available in both momentary or maintained versions, although most have momentary operation. With momentary operation, the switch is powered while the foot pedal is held down and off once the pedal is released. Generally speaking, for maintained operation the foot pedal is pressed down to activate the switch and pressed down again to deactivate it. The main difference is that the pedal does not need to be continually held down with a maintained switch. These Kacon foot switches come in a number of different types for light, medium, or heavy-duty use.

The main distinction for the light duty foot switches is that they do not feature any kind of protective foot guard. They do present the most cost-efficient solution for basic use. They can have plastic or metal foot pedals. Most have momentary operation although there is one with maintained operation. Certain types are extra wide or dual size, while others have features such as a mounting plate, side guards, or a foot rest. They all have a built-in V-Type micro switch & gold-plated contacts.

The medium duty switches all have foot guards, although a few only have a top guard, with the pedal still being open on the sides. All of them have die cast aluminum housings and momentary operation, along with a built-in Z-Type micro switch. Dual types are available with separate foot guards or one single encompassing foot guard. One type of medium duty foot switch also features a safety lock. Contact arrangements are 1 NO + 1 NC or 2 NO + 2 NC.

Three types of heavy-duty foot switches are available. All three have a protective aluminum die cast foot guard that encompasses all sides along with a reflective strip on the housing so it can be more easily seen in darker areas. Foot guards have 200J impact resistance and the foot pedals have an adjustable height between 20 and 45mm (0.8" to 1.8"). Contacts are 24K gold plated gold alloy, with a 1 NO + 1 NC contact arrangement. Two of them have 2-stage maintained operation, while the other is momentary. Two stage means that once the pedal is pressed, the switch enters an initial stage and will turn off if released. The pedal needs to be held down until a clicking sound is heard to activate the maintained stage. At that point the switch stays on even if the foot pedal is released. For the switch to power down, the pedal needs to be held down again until the same clicking sound is heard. One of the maintained foot switches also features a safety reset button.