ILME Multipole Connector Kits Provide Convenience

November 9 2021

ILME Connector KitThe line of ILME multipole connector kits make it easy to get all the components you’ll need for a proper installation all at once rather than searching for and buying each part separately. They come with four pieces, including a male insert, female insert, and the corresponding base and hood. The convenience of buying a kit removes any doubt about whether the parts are compatible with each other. ILME kits have 3, 4, 6, 10, 16, or 24 pin inserts and range from 21.21 to 104.27 sizes. The hoods all feature metric size thread, which is the most commonly used thread type, and the bases are all bulkhead mount. Hood thread size ranges from M20 to M40. These kits feature screw or spring termination, single or double lever bases, and top or side cable entry.

The 3 and 4 pole ILME kits are size 21.21 and have M20 threaded hoods. The 6 pole kits are size 44.27 and the 10 pole kits are size 57.27. Both can have M20, M25, or M32 threaded hoods. The 16 pole kits are size 77.27 and the 24 pole kits are size 104.27. These larger size kits come with M25, M32 or M40 threaded hoods. Most have metal hoods and bases, while the 21.21 size kits have plastic hoods or bases. Inserts are all thermoplastic with silver or gold plated contacts.

ILME multipole connector kits are available in the most commonly used sizes with standard type components. If your application requires more specialized parts, components can be chosen individually from the wide range of sizes and types. On a similar note, all components in the standard kits can also be purchased separately. If you are unsure what ILME parts are compatible with each other, please feel free to contact us, and we can let you know which multipole connectors you’ll need.