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ILME Surface Mount Housings & Bases

The full line of ILME surface mount housings is handled by Major Electronix. Surface mount housings come in a variety of sizes and configurations, with some having covers or multiple levers. Most are constructed from die cast aluminum, with some being double size to accommodate up to two compatible inserts. Insulating versions are made from thermoplastic. Surface mount rectangular bases have one or two side cable entries in various PG or metric sizes. They are made to be resilient against impact and different types of stress. The clamping force exerted by the surface mount bases is constant due to the stainless steel locking system. When attached to a corresponding hood, an IP 65 or IP 66 rating can be achieved, meaning it is protected from dust and water jets in any direction. The different sizes of surface mount housings include 44.27, 49.16, 57.27, 66.16, 77.27, 77.62, 104.27 and 104.62. Sizes refer to the insert center distance, such as 44 x 27 mm, 49 x 16 mm, and so on. Rectangular housings can be used for many different types of applications, including electronic machines, control equipment and electrical panels. Specialized versions for use in high temperatures, high voltages, or aggressive environments are also available.

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