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M12 Molded Cable Connectors provide plug-and-play capability

The M12 molded cable cordsets handled by Major Electronix can be used in many different applications because of their adaptability and plug-and-play capabilities. They are most ideally useful for applications with actuators and sensors. Sometimes referred to as Micro DC or MDC, the Mencom M12 molded cables are made from yellow PUR or PVC which is oil resistant. The HTP M12 molded cable connectors are made with black PVC. Sealcon M12 molded cordsets have a yellow connector head with gray PVC cable. The Mencom M12 connectors have gold plated copper alloy contacts and the HTP versions have contacts made from phosphorous bronze. Sealcon cables have copper zinc alloy contacts. Cables from Lumberg Automation have yellow, orange, or gray PVC cable, with gold plated brass or copper alloy contacts. M12 molded cable cordsets have a single keyway and M12 coupling nut. The female M12 cordsets are available in straight or right angle versions. The female cordsets have 3-8 poles and are available in 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 10 or 20 meter lengths. Male right angle and straight M12 molded cables are also offered in 1, 2, 4, 5, or 10 meter lengths, with 2-8 poles. The M12 Male/Female cordsets include male to female extension cordsets as well as Male/Female "Y" cables. The M12 extension cordsets come in both straight and right angle versions. Most of the Mencom M12 molded cable connectors are rated at 300V and are UL and CUL recognized. They most commonly have 18 or 22 gauge wire with some versions being shielded. The HTP M12 molded cables are rated at 250V and feature 24 gauge wire, with an IP69K rating. Sealcon M12 cordsets have 60V or 240V ratings, with 22 AWG wire.

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