Major's All Electric Bench Top Wire Strippers

August 9 2016

5000 series electric wire strippersMajor's all electric bench top wire strippers are light weight with a plug and play design. Easy to use controls allow an operator to be up and running within minutes after instruction. These machines are designed to strip the ends of wires for connector or crimp terminal assembly. All of the wire stripping machines are adjustable to fit different wire gauge sizes and accommodate different wire stripping lengths. Wire can be fully or partially stripped, depending on the needs of the application.

The 5001 wire stripper is unique in that it can strip Teflon as well as PVC insulation, and other similar materials. It accommodates 30-14 AWG wire, and weighs only 17 pounds. The 5001 is also set apart by its orange housing. Operation is simple, simply choose the wire gauge size and strip length, make the selection for full or partial stripping, and insert the wire. Any scrap is collected in a drawer that can be removed for emptying. It features 4 cutting blades that do not need to be changed when making wire size adjustments. This German made machine has been used by such companies as Cessna, Delphi and Boeing, and can last for many years under normal operation.

The other wire strippers in the 5000 series have recently been updated to include digital touch displays, that can show metric or US Standard measurements. Like the 5001, these machines have adjustable wire gauge sizes and stripping lengths. They are used primarily for PVC insulation and have blue housings. The 5002 works with 30-10 AWG wire, and features an integrated spare blade. The 5003 also has an integrated spare blade, and is used for 14-6 AWG wire. The 5005 accepts 20-14 AWG wire. Unlike the other wire stripping machines, the 5005 uses mechanical sensors to automatically adjust for the correct wire size. The 5002 and 5005 are approximately 17 pounds, while the 5003 is slightly heavier at 22 pounds. All three have a rated voltage of 100-240 V, and can be adjusted without changing blades.

If you are unsure which wire stripper is best suited for your application, you can send us a sample of your wire and we can test it for you. We also have a comparison chart of our top 3 models so you can see their common specifications at a glance. Repair parts and servicing are available for these machines if you should run into an issue. Very little maintenance is needed for the machines, only an occasional coat of oil is usually necessary. Please note that these machines are not intended to strip wire for scrap.