Hirschmann DIN 43650 Form A GDM 2012 J Connector

May 10, 2013

Hirschmann GDM 2012 JThe Hirschmann DIN Form A GDM 2012 J (P/N: 934441-100) is a black hardwired connector that features 2 poles + ground and a 1/2" NPT cable entry. The cable entry is intended for conduit applications. As a Form A connector, it has 18 mm pin spacing while the cable entry accommodates 4 to 11 mm cable. The GDM 2012 has splash and dust protection, and is rated IP 65. The housing is black polyamide. The center screw ensures the locking is vibration proof, making this connector especially useful in building equipment and track-bound vehicles. As part of the line of DIN connectors offered through Major Electronix, the GDM 2012 J is most commonly used with solenoid valves. Other applications used with Form A DIN connectors include hydraulics and pneumatics.

The NBR profile gasket typically comes with this connector, as it is very resistant to many oils and acids. While the NBR profile gasket is the most common one used, other gasket options include an NBR flat and EPDM flat. It is also possible to get the GDM 2012 J without a gasket, if necessary.

This particular DIN connector also comes in a 3 + ground version. Besides the GDM 2012 J, Major Electronix offers a large range of Form A Din connectors, in hardwired and molded versions, available with or without a circuit. We also carry a wide selection of Form B and Form C DIN connectors.