Cooltron Cooling Fans Meet Medical Safety Standard

February 1, 2013

Cooltron fanA variety of cooling fans from Cooltron are available to fit the needs of different medical devices. For example, such fans can be used in hospitals, clinics and beauty salons. Operating with lower noise levels, Cooltron fans have a long life even with continuous operation and can keep medical equipment running cool. Some of the more common sizes offered through Major Electronix include 80x80x25mm, 92x92x25mm, and 120x120x25mm. They are all AC axial fans, meaning air is drawn out along the axis of the fan. Cooltron cooling fans feature dual ball bearings and can be used in a variety of medical applications, including healthcare, robotic systems, medical lasers and cosmetic machinery.

Just like with computers, other electronic devices such as the ones found in the medical field also need to be kept from overheating to prevent system failure or other damage. Because so much depends on medical devices working properly, it is important that they are maintained to ensure optimum performance. Many of these Cooltron fans can also be crossed with other manufacturers, including Comair, Delta, and Mechatronics, if necessary.