Accessories for Form A DIN 43650 Connectors

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Electronic Inserts

Other Accessories

DIN 43650 Form A Connector Accessories

Major Electronix carries a selection of accessories for DIN 43650 Form A connectors including center screws, gaskets, electronic inserts and more. These DIN 43650 Type A accessories are convenient if additional or replacement parts are required. There are separate gaskets for Hirschmann male and female DIN connectors, in NBR profile, NBR flat, EDPM flat, or VMQ material. Gaskets are also available for HTP and MPM DIN Form A connectors. There are circuit modules from HTP for non-circuited connectors, and the electronic inserts are made for the Hirschmann GDME series. Also available are a few individual components such as grommets and gland screws.