Receive Gigabit capability with the Hirschmann Spider III Ethernet Switch

November 13 2015

Hirschmann SPIDER III SL-40-08T1 Ethernet SwitchA brand new addition to the line of Ethernet switches offered through Major Electronix is the Hirschmann SPIDER III SL-40-08T1 Ethernet Switch. The first switch in this range to be introduced is the SPIDER III SL-40-08T1, which is an 8 port, unmanaged Ethernet switch. The main feature to this switch is its Gigabit capability, which allows for more data to be sent over longer distances. Gigabit capability refers to the speed at which an amount of data can be transmitted. The fact that the Spider III is unmanaged helps make it a cost effective addition to a network.

The SPIDER III SL-40-08T1 features twisted pair cable with RJ45 sockets, along with auto-crossing, auto-negotiation & auto polarity. Among these features is the ability to work with another connected switch to find the most optimum performance that they both can handle. This is a DIN-Rail mounted switch, with a housing made to take up less space. It can work in either a line or star topology. Line and star topology refer to the way devices in a network are connected and how they communicate with each other. It has plug and play capability, to make it easier to install and implement in a network. The housing is plastic, and rated IP 30. IP 30 indicates the level of protection from foreign particles.

This switch is designed to meet the demands of the industrial environment, and is particularly ideal for applications such as machine building and manufacturing. It works best for smaller size networks.