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M23 Receptacles & Panel Mount Connectors

Major Electronix handles a selection of M23 receptacles from Mencom & panel mount connectors from Sealcon. Mencom M23 male and female receptacles come in a variety of lengths and sizes. The M23 receptacles can come with or without lead wire, with the lead wire available in lengths of 0.3, 1 or 2 meters. They feature either 18 or 22 AWG wire. Receptacles without lead wire, including the Mencom & Sealcon panel mount versions, feature either solder or crimp pin termination, with the crimp pins being sold separately. The Mencom receptacle shells are constructed from nickel plated brass with gold plated copper alloy contacts. Sealcon panel mount connectors have copper zinc alloy housings with nickel plated brass surfaces & gold plated brass alloy contacts. The M23 receptacles come with a 6 to 19 pin count. Mencom receptacles are available with PG, NPT or metric mounting thread sizes. Just like with the hardwired connectors, Sealcon M23 panel mount connector housings, inserts & contacts are all purchased separately, for a more customized assembly. M23 receptacles offer plug and play solutions to a variety of applications. They are especially useful in industries such as automation, transport, power generation, shipbuilding and medicine.