Fandis Fan Filter Assembly Part Number Guides

FPF Series Fandis FPF Series Part Number Guide

FF Series Fandis FF Series Part Number Guide

Explanation of terms

FPF Series Dimensions:

08 - 105 x 105mm
12 - 150 x 150mm
13 - 204 x 204mm
15 - 250 x 250mm
20 - 325 x 325 mm

FF & FPF Series Colors:

Cabinet Airflow:
Standard - Fan filter at the bottom of the cabinet takes in air from the outside, and the exhaust filter at the top draws the hot air out of the cabinet
Reverse - Fan filter is located at the top of the cabinet to take in outside air, exhaust filter draws out hot air from the bottom

IP 54 - Protection from dust & splashing water
IP 55 - Protection from dust & water jets
NEMA 12 - Made for indoor use. Some protection from dirt, dust, & non-corrosive liquid. Meets rust resistance requirements
NEMA 1 - Made for indoor use. Some protection from light, dust, & indirect liquid splashes.
NEMA 3R - Can be used outdoors. Protects from falling dirt (except for windblown dust), and various weather conditions
EMC Shielded - Electromagnetic compatibility. Resistance to electromagnetic interference, which can lead to performance issues to interior cabinet components.

FF Series Fandis to Seifert Part Numbers Cross Reference

Fandis Part Number Seifert Part Number
FF12U 400010000
FF12N 400010003
FF13U 400020000
FF15N 400030003
FF20U 400040000
FF20N 400040003
FF12A115UF 4220A3000
FF12A115NF 4220A3003
FF12A230UF 4220A4000
FF12A230NF 4220A4003
FF13PA115UN 4411A3000
FF13PA115NF 4421A3003
FF13PA230UF 4421A4000
FF15A115UF 4620A3000
FF15A230NF 4620A4003
M12FPFK 400010100
M13FPFK 400020100
M15FPFK 400030100
M20FPFK 400040100

FPF Series Fandis to FF Series Cross Reference

FPF series fan filter assemblies that are no longer available can be crossed with similar versions from the Fandis FF series:

Fandis FPF Series Part Number Fandis FF Series Part Number
FPF12KN115BE-110 FF12A115NF
FPF12KU115BE-110 FF12A115UF
FPF12KN230BE-110 FF12A230NF
FPF12KU230BE-110 FF12A230UF
FPF12KUG-100 FF12U
FPF13KN115BE-110 FF13PA115NF
FPF13KU115BE-110 FF13PA115UN
FPF13KU230BE-110 FF13PA230UF
FPF13KUG-100 FF13U
FPF15KN230BE-110 FF15A230NF
FPF15KNG-100 FF15N
FPF15KU115BE-110 FF15A115UF
FPF20KUG-100 FF20U