Panel Interface Connectors Overview

The full line of Mencom panel interface connectors is available through Major Electronix. Panel interface connectors, or PICs, come with a wide variety of port and connector options. The most common configurations can be ordered online while more customized options can be ordered over the phone. Besides the standard models, there are also versions with low profile housings, as well as port adapters and connector cables.

Standard Panel Interface Connectors

Low Profile Panel Interface Connectors

Port Adapters

D-Sub Connector Cable

Also referred to as programming ports or programming interfaces, panel interface connectors promote greater safety by preventing the risks caused by arc flash. Arc flash is caused when there is a short between electrified connectors. These shorts can happen when the voltage can't be controlled by the conductors or the isolation between them is weakened. This charges the surrounding air, resulting in an arc flash explosion if the panel door is opened. Because PICs mount to the outside of the control panel, this greatly reduces the hazards caused by arc flash, as they prevent the need to open the panel door.

Types of PICs

  • Standard
    • 6 housing base sizes ranging from 3.2" x 1.8" to 6.6" to 3.7"
    • Solid cover
    • Epoxy coated die cast aluminum body
    • Stainless steel locking levers
    • Can include power ports, D-Sub connectors, communication ports, or resettable fuses
  • Low Profile
    • 75% lower than standard housing
    • 3 types - single, dual with two doors, dual with one door
    • Clear cover
    • Nickel plated zinc body
    • Sliding lock mechanism
    • Can include power ports, D-Sub connectors, communication ports, or resettable fuses
  • Port Adapters
    • Made for tight spaces, mounts through a 1" hole
    • Polypropylene or aluminum body
    • Single RJ45, RJ11, or USB port
    • M25 mounting thread
    • Includes cap

Standard versions of D-Sub connectors, also called D-subminiature, are female exterior / male interior. They come in 9, 15, 25, or 37 pin versions. The Mini-DIN communication ports are 8 or 6 pin, and are female exterior / female interior. Resettable fuses are 3 Amp standard, but are also available in 5, 10, or 15 Amp versions. The D-Sub connector cable comes in lengths ranging from 2-12 meters, and is double ended, with a 25 pin female D-Sub connector on one and a male 25 pin D-Sub on the other. They are gray PVC with shielded 24 AWG wire. The last 4 drain wires are 20 AWG.

Several guides and charts are available to help you choose between all the options:

Panel Interface Connector Part Number Guide

Common Connection Options

Housing Size Comparison