HTP DIN 43650 Connector Part Number Guide

Explanations of Options

Form A ISO 4400 - Standard for fluid power systems and components
Form B with 11mm pin spacing is the industry standard over 10mm
Form C with 9.4mm pin spacing is the industry standard over 8mm
Cable Entry
Form A has 1/2" NPT or PG 9/PG 11 unified cable entry
Form B has 1/2" NPT or PG 9 cable entry
Form C has PG 7 cable entry
Circuit Options
Diodes - Redirect a surge
LED indicators - Confirm the voltage supply
Suppression - Also called MOV suppression or a varistor, provides overvoltage protection
Bridge Rectifier - Converts AC into DC
Ground Position
6 o'clock ground position - On the same side as the cable entry
12 o'clock ground position - Opposite side of the cable entry
6/12 o'clock ground position - 2 grounds, one on the cable entry side, one opposite
Cable Types
IEC 332-1 - Standard for fire resistance
H03VVF & H05VVF - European harmonized cable standards, H05VVF has a higher voltage rating & higher bending radius
PVC - Poly Vinyl Chloride - Cable Insulation Industry Standard

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