5001 Operating Instructions

View the 5001 electric wire stripper

Wire Size Setting

The wire size is set by turning the yellow know (1) Check wire size indicator (11) for reference.
Remarks: The wire size indicator (11) is adjusted for wire with standard PVC insulation With non standard insulation, or if wire size is not known, the suitable setting must be established on a trial / error basis.
It is recommended to start the setting from a larger size and then work down to the final setting.
If insulation is cut too deep of not deep enough adjust the setting accordingly.

Strip Length setting

The stripping length is set by turning the blue know (6) Check stripping length indicator (12) for reference.

Insulation removal setting

For complete stripping push selector knob (2) and turn to symbol

For partial removal of insulation push selector knob (2) and turn to symbol

Insertion of wire

Insert wire horizontally into wire entry until it putts against stop

Touching the stop actuates the stripping operation

Remove stripped wire


The stripped insulation material is collected in the sliding box at the right side. The box has to be emptied from time to time

When the machine is extensively used it can be more practical to work without the waste box.