M12 Molded Cable Cordsets & Connectors Overview

Major Electronix handles a wide variety of M12 connectors, including field wireable (hardwired) connectors, molded cable cordsets, power connectors, receptacles and panel mount connectors. M12 connectors are sometimes referred to as Micro-change connectors, and are categorized by their M12 size coupling thread. They are available from Mencom, Hirschmann, HTP, Sealcon, and Lumberg Automation.

M12 Hardwired Connectors

M12 Molded Cables

M12 Power Connectors

M12 Receptacles

Standard M12 connectors and molded cable cordsets are used many different applications involving sensors and actuators, but are also used for motors and switches as well. All the standard M12 connectors have an A-coded insert, which is known by its single keyway.

M12 molded cordsets have 2-12 pins in male or female, straight or right angle configurations, including double ended male/female versions. The most common cable lengths are 2, 5, or 10 meters although they can range from 0.3 to 20 meters. The most commonly used M12 cordsets are 4 pin female straight cables, followed by the 5 pin female straight versions.

Cable Jacket Material

  • PVC
    • Colors - Gray, Orange, Yellow, Black
    • Greater operating temperature range (-40 to 105 C or -40 to 90 C)
    • Cost effective solution
  • PUR
    • Colors - Yellow, Black
    • Operating temperature: -40 to 80 C or -25 to 80 C
    • Greater resistance to chemical exposure, abrasions, and tears
    • Works well in more demanding applications
  • Armored Cable options for extreme environments
    • 304 Stainless Steel - Reduces corrosive damage due to chemical exposure, withstands impacts and abrasions
    • PVC Covered Stainless Steel - Reduces corrosive damage due to chemical exposure, withstands impacts and abrasions, PVC adds water tight layer of protection
    • Silicone Tubing - Works well in extreme temperatures, withstands chemical exposure, prohibits microorganism growth, meets FDA standards for food contact

M12 Receptacles & Hardwired Connectors

The M12 receptacles and panel mount connectors are coupled with the corresponding molded cable connector. Most receptacles have 12" standard wire leads and can be back mounted or front mounted. Back mount receptacles go through the back of the panel and are held on by a front locking nut. Front mount receptacles go through the front of the panel and are held on by a rear locking nut. Mounting thread options include metric M16 or M20, 1/4" or 1/2" NPT, or PG 9 or PG 11 sizes . They can have 2-12 pins and are available in male or female versions, although typically male receptacles are more commonly used. Hardwired (field wireable) connectors have screw terminal contacts so they can be wired by the user as the application requires. Field wireable M12 connectors typically have PG 7 ot PG 9 mounting thread. They have 2-8 pins in both male and female, straight or right angle configurations.

M12 Power Connectors

M12 power connectors differ from the standard Micro-change connectors in that they are made for power transmission as opposed to signal transmission. The M12 power connectors can have S, K, or L-coded inserts. The grounding pins of on the K and L coded inserts are sectioned off. They are used in such applications as medical equipment, small motors, material handling, lighting, heating, and packaging machinery. M12 power connectors are available as molded cordsets from Lumberg Automation or hardwired connectors from Sealcon. Hardwired connectors are 4 pin, while the molded cordsets have 4 or 5 pins. Cable lengths are 2, 5, or 10 meters in male, female, or double ended configurations. There are currently no right angle M12 power cordsets.

S-Coded M12 Power Insert K-Coded M12 Power Insert L-Coded M12 Power Insert

Part Number Guides

Part number guides are available for HTP, Mencom, and Sealcon, to assist in choosing the correct part:

HTP M12 Connector Part Number Guide

Mencom M12 Molded Cable Cordset Part Number Guide

Mencom M12 Receptacle Part Number Guide

Sealcon M12 Molded Cable Cordset Part Number Guide