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ILME CXF-12/2 CX Series Insert, Female, Size 77.27, 14 Pin, 40A

ILME CX Series Insert, Female, Size 77.27, 14 Pin, 40A - CXF-12/2

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The ILME CXF-12/2 CX series standard female insert fits size 77.27 enclosures and is 12 pin + ground with 2 auxiliary pins. It has a voltage rating of 600V and a rated current of 40A. The thermoplastic housing is self-extinguishing and is rated UL 94 V0. Rated IP 20. Termination: crimp pin (sold separately). The CXM-12/2 is made for higher current carrying pins.


  • Housing- Thermoplastic
  • Gender- Female
  • Pin Count- 12 + Ground, 2 Auxiliary
  • Rated Current- 40 Amps
  • Rated Voltage- 600 V
  • ILME Series- CX
  • Housing Type- Standard
  • Operating Temperature- -40 C to 125 C (-40 F to 257 F)
  • Insert Dimension- 77.27
  • Double Insert- 77.62
  • Enclosure Dimension- 77.27
  • Termination- Crimp Pin
  • Upper AWG- 10
  • Lower AWG- 26
  • Insulation Resistance- >= 10GOhm
  • Mechanical Life- >= 500 Cycles
  • Ingress Protection- IP 20 (Protection from objects 12.5mm (0.5") in diameter or larger)
  • Approvals- UL, CSA, CCC, GL, GOST

Compatible Enclosures

Series Part Number
CH CHI-16, CHI-16CP, CHI-16CS, CHI-16L, CHI-16LS
CH, CA, MH CHP-16, CHP-16.2, CHP-16CS, CHP-16CS2, CHP-16L, CHP-16LS, CHP-16LS2
CAP-16.21, CAP-16.221, CAP-16.229, CAP-16.29, CAP-16CS2, CAP-16CS229
CAP-16L, CAP-16L2, CAP-16L229, CAP-16L29, CAP-16LS, CAP-16LS2, CAP-16LS29
CHP-16L2, MHP-16LS225, MHP-16.225, CAP-16LS229, CAP-16CS29
CH, CA, MH, MA CHO-16, CHO-16L, CHV-16, CHV-16L, CAV-16.221
CAO-16.21, CAO-16.29, CAO-16L21, CAO-16L29, CAV-16.21, CAV-16L29
MHO-16.32, MHV-16.25, MHO-16L25, MHO-16L32, MAO-16L40, MHV-16L32
MHV-16L25, MAO-16.40, CAF-16.221, MHO-16.25, MHV-16.32
CH, CA, MA CHV-16G, CHV-16LG, CAV-16.29, MAV-16.40, MAV-16L32, MAV-16L40
CAV-16G, CAV-16G29, CAV-16LG21, CAV-16LG29, MAV-16.32
CH, CA CHO-16X, CHC-16, CHC-16C, CHC-16L, CHC-16LG, CHV-16X
CAO-16X, CAO-16X29, CAV-16X, CAV-16X29, CHC-16G
CH, CA CHIW-16, CHCW-16G, CHOW-16, CHCW-16
CAVW-16.29, CAOW-16.29
CAOS-16.29, CHOS-16
TC, TM TCHI-16, TCHC-16, THIH-16
TMAP-16.32, TMAP-16.40, TMAO-16.32, TMAO-16.40, TMAV-16.40
CG CGI-16, CGO-16.21

Corresponding Crimp Pins

Wire Gauge Part Number
40 Amp
10 CXFA-6.0
12 CXFA-4.0
14 CXFA-2.5
16 CXFA-1.5
10 Amp
14 CDFA-2.5, CDFD-2.5
16 CDFA-1.5, CDFD-1.5
18 CDFA-1.0, CDFD-1.0
20 CDFA-0.5, CDFD-0.5
22-26 CDFA-0.3, CDFD-0.3

ILME 77.27 14 Pin Female Crimp Pin Insert CXF-12/2

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