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EternaBond DS-1-50 1" x 50' DoubleStick Sealant Tape

EternaBond DoubleStick
EternaBond DS-1-50 1" x 50' DoubleStick Sealant Tape

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MFG P/N: EB-6D010-50R
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The EternaBond DS-1-50 DoubleStick tape has a 50 foot length and a 1 inch width. Because of the double side adhesive and high flexibility, it can be twisted and molded to fit inside or around a shape. It is made to maintain its hold without the adhesive drying out.

  • Provides a permanent seal between two surfaces
  • Two silicone linings prevent tape from sticking to anything before application
  • Works like a gasket
  • Liquid tight
  • Can keep out dirt & insects
  • Can fill gaps between two different surfaces
  • Ideal for window installation and around seams
  • Features MicroSealant Technology - 100% solids formulation consisting of synthetic resins, thermoplastics and noncuring rubber with a built-in primer
  • Works with EPDM, TPO, most PVC, CSPE/Hypalon, CPE , SBS, APP modifieds, aluminum, galvanized steel, wood, most plastics, fiberglass, brick, concrete, and roofing material


  • Roll Size: 1" x 50'
  • Adhesion: 19 lbs/in width
  • Application Temperature: -20 F to 150 F ambient
  • Dielectric Strength: Over 12 kV
  • Elongation: > 500%
  • Insulation Resistance: 10 to the 6th power mO
  • Low Temperature Flexibility: 1/2" radius at -30 F
  • Flexibility Temperature Range: -70 F to >200 F
  • Permanence: 0.001 perms max.
  • Pliability: No cracks in membrane
  • Shelf Life: Up to 5 years
  • Total Thickness: 60 mil
  • Water Vapor Test: 0.005 grms/100" sq./24hrs/100 F

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DoubleStick Sealing Tape

Additional Product Information


The area must be dry and free from debris or other substances before DoubleStick can be applied. When using the tape to bond two surfaces, take off the liner on one side as the tape is being applied. This prevents mistakes and keeps the tape from coming into contact with other surfaces or objects. Pressure should be applied to set up the bonding process and remove any air bubbles. This can be done with your hand, although a steel roller provides the best results. Then remove the second lining and apply the other surface. When molding the tape around a surface or into a gap, remove the lining on both sides. The tape can then be twisted and molded to suit your purposes. If the ambient temperature is 40 F to -20 F, the surfaces should be treated with EternaPrime surface conditioner before applying.

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