Overview of Coxreels Spring Driven Reels

February 9 2021

Coxreels spring driven reelCoxreels spring driven reels differ are the only type that offer automatic rewind without the need for electricity. They all carry common features including a CPC powder coat finish to resist corrosion, rolled edges on the discs for more strength and safety, and an adjustable hose stop for models that include the hose. Models with guide arms can be set in different positions so the hose faces the direction you need, whether that be toward the wall, floor, or ceiling. The spring motor is enclosed and the heavy gauge steel base increases stability.

Each series of spring driven reels can cover a variety of applications:

C Series – Combination air/electric or dual hose reels. They are ideal for air or water applications, pneumatic tools, manufacturing, and maintenance applications

EN Series – Enclosed reels. The reel is completely encased in a 3 piece housing, making it ideal for grocery stores, commercial kitchens, or food and chemical plants

S Series – Side mount. Left or right side mounted housing, which works well for cabinet mounting, construction, or service and utility vehicles that can benefit from this type of reel.

SH, MP, & HP Series – Super Hub. These reels feature the Super Hub dual axle support system, which is designed to resist vibration and provide greater structural integrity

T Series – Truck mount. These reels are useful for service and utility vehicles as well as transportation applications such as railroad, automotive, or aircraft uses.

SW Series – Side mount welding. The SW series features the same left or right side mount housing but are designed for welding applications

SG Series – Side mount with guide arm. Like the S series these also can be left or right side mounted, but unlike the S series these models feature an adjustable guide arm.

SP Series – Single product delivery. These are high capacity reels made for larger diameter hoses. They are used in fuel delivery, washdown applications, or mining and construction

DP Series – Dual product delivery. The DP series also consists of high capacity reels but have two inlets to accommodate two hoses, perfect for hydraulics or twin agent applications.

V Series – Vacuum. The vacuum reels are made to help clear out fumes or particles from a work site. Ideal for construction and manufacturing.

LG Series – Little giant. The LG series reels feature a space saving, lightweight housing, which is made for areas with limited space. Ideal for machine shops or service vehicles

P Series – Performance. These reels have a heavy duty design made to promote durability and reliability. They are commonly used for manufacturing, automotive service centers, and washdown applications.

MPD & TDMP Series – Dual hydraulic. Designed specifically for dual hydraulic applications, such as in hydraulic rescue tools, fire rescue, and other emergency situations

PW & SHW Series – Welding reels. These reels feature twin line hose and are made for welding applications. Perfect for automotive garages, fleet maintenance, and pipelines.

The spring driven reels from Coxreels are available for low pressure, medium pressure, or high pressure applications. Low pressure reels handle applications below 1000 PSI. Medium pressure indicates a PSI between 1000 and 4000, while high pressure refers to applications over 4000 PSI. If you need further assistance in choosing a reel, we have a list of applications, as well as a Guide to Choosing a Hose Reel.