Hirschmann Automation Connectors

Hirschmann connectors are made to stand up to the stresses of the industrial environment. The wide range of connectors that are available includes circular sensor connectors, DIN connectors typically used in solenoid valves, Ethernet, and audio/visual connectors. It also includes a selection of industrial connectors, used in different control and supply applications.

Hirschmann connectors can be ordered both online or over the phone (800-966-2345) with us here at Major Electronix.

Sensor Connectors

These sensor connectors are designed to be user friendly and make installation faster. They get rid of clumsy screw connections by implementing fast-lock technology.

Hirschmann E Series

The Professional Sensor (E-Series)

Innovative sensor-circular connectors of the E-series excel because of their ergonomic design, and with their clearly defined gripping surfaces and numbering arrangement, they simply have more to offer.

Hirschmann M12

The Professional M12 Push-Pull Sensor

Hirschmann M12 connectors are made to be easy to use and simple to install. They feature plug and play operation which makes them easier to use and streamlines the process.

Hirschmann NR Series

The Robust (NR-Series)

Space-saving circular connectors of the NR-series are made of solid metal and therefore ensure long-term solutions in the field of network and control wire connections.

Valve Connectors

The DIN valve connectors come in all three forms(A/B/C) with or without a circuit. Each form has its own unique characteristics, which are discussed in greater detail here.

Hirschmann GDM Series

The Professional Valve (GDM-Series)

Solenoid valve connectors are well equipped to handle the heavy stresses in the field. This includes both female cable sockets and male appliance connectors.

Hirschmann Molded DIN Connectors

Molded Valve Connectors

Available in Form A, Hirschmann molded valve connectors come in a wide range of model types, particularly in the switched type, a feature a modular concept which is their basis. This extends right through to the individual pressing of the plug and cable, as well as to the packaging which is branded to the client's name, and delivery in the complete range of batch sizes.

Supply and Control Connectors

Consisting of both circular and rectangular connectors, there are several series that make up this line of industrial connectors. Click Here to view the selection available online.

Hirschmann CA & CM Series

The Universal (CA-/CM-Series)

The CA & CM Series are designed to handle a high amount of stress due to their integrated strain relief, particularly when it comes to vibrations. They are particularly useful in hydraulics and pneumatics applications.

The ST Series

The ST series features compact designs, and is ideal for power supplies and signal transmission. Available in several styles including panel or surface mount cable sockets or connectors.

Fieldbus / Ethernet Connector

The bus connectors can use high speeds and a great deal of protection in order to promote optimum data transmission. They are available in the M12 OCTOPUS and M12 microFX series.

Audio/Video Connectors

The MAS/MAK Series of audio/video connectors are well-suited for use in projectors and computers. These circular connectors are available both with or without a locking screw.