Light Efficient Design LED Lighting Options

LED Lighting options from Light Efficient Design include different types of retrofit bulbs to suit a number of applications. Retrofit lights can fit into existing fixtures, such as those that use HID and fluorescent bulbs, which save the time and expense of purchasing and installing a whole new light fixture. Light Efficient Design also has a selection of LED grow light fixtures, which are used in agricultural applications, such as commercial greenhouses.

LED Lighting Benefits

  • Longer life span - most up to 50,000 hrs
  • Light gradually fades, rather than immediately failing
  • Give off less heat
  • More efficient energy consumption
  • Brighter light than other types of bulbs
  • Less replacements/maintenance needed
  • No mercury - easier to dispose

Ballast Compatible Lights

Most of the LED retrofit lights need to bypass the ballast during installation, however Light Efficient Design also has a line of ballast compatible LED bulbs. These bulbs provide 'plug and play' capability, as they do not use direct line voltage. They don't require the fixture to be rewired, saving time during installation. These lights are available as PL/CFL retrofit, shoe box/wall pack, and low bay/high bay lights. Models that are metal halide ballast compatible are designated by an -MHBC part number. Many of the PL/CFL retrofit lights can bypass the ballast or be used with an electronic or magnetic ballast, depending on the model.

Shoe Box/Wall Pack - Metal Halide Ballast Compatible

Low Bay/High Bay - Metal Halide Ballast Compatible