Fandis FPF20KNG-100 Filter Assembly

February 26, 2014

Fandis FPF20KNG-100When using the type of cooling fan made for industrial automation or other similar equipment, its important to make sure the fan is kept clean. One way to do that is to implement the use of a fan filter. The Fandis FPF20KNG-100 Filter Assembly is a large 325 x 325mm (12.8" x 12.8") black filter assembly. It works to keep dust or other airborne debris away from the interior fan and other inside components. This helps improve fan performance and may even help to extend the life of the fan. The sealing gasket that is integrated also protects against splashes of water. This filter assembly is part of Fandis FPF series, which is notable for easy mounting and space saving designs.

The FPF20KNG-100 is made from ABS plastic with a polyurethane gasket and filter media made from synthetic fiber. Filter media is easily accessed for washing or replacement by the removable cover, and is washable up to 10 times. The snap mounting elastic hooks make it simple to pop the filter in place during installation. The low profile ensures that the filter will not jut out too far from the face of the cabinet. It has a total depth of 33 mm (1.3") with only 9 mm (0.35") sitting above the surface.

The Fandis FPF20KNG-100 Filter Assembly carries both CE and C UR US approvals and is available online or over the phone. JAN 2020 UPDATE: The FPF series is being replaced by the newer FF series as stock sells out. The FPF20KNG-100 is currently still available.