Coxreels Effective in Transportation

November 11, 2013

Reels made for TransportationA number of hose and cable reels from Coxreels have proven useful in the transportation industry including the T series spring driven reels, as well as many of the hand crank and motor driven reels. The T series was made for more rugged mobile applications and has a lock ratchet mechanism that can fix the hose at the length you need. It also features Coxreels Super Hub dual axle system to give the pedestal added support. The most ideally suited hand crank & motor driven reels include the 1125, 1175, and 1185 series of reels. These reels have an A-frame design that is CNC robotically welded into one piece. They have low profile risers with an open drum slot so the hose will wrap more smoothly. Motor options include hydraulic, air and electric motors. The SG series of side mounted spring driven reels is also ideal for applications in transport. The SG series reels have a guide arm that can be adjusted to one of six positions. The design allows it to be mounted or dismounted easily.

These reels can be put to use in a variety of areas in transportation such as fuel and lubricant dispensing, service bays, liquid chemical transference, antifreeze systems and other applications that have a high volume delivery. A complete list of all series of reels and their applications can be viewed online.