Coxreels Hand Crank Hose Reels Offer Electricity Free Operation

June 8 2021

Coxreels 100 Series Hand Crank hose reelsCoxreels hand crank hose reels differ from the other types of reels in that they are the only type that offers completely manual operation and does not need electricity to operate. However, they do carry a number of the same features, such as the CPC powder coat finish, rolled edges and ribbed discs, steel construction, and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. The powder coat finish prevents corrosion while the rolled edges on the discs increase safety. The hand crank reels are available in many of the same series as the motorized reels.

Most of the hose and cord reels have a U-frame or A-frame construction. A-frame models are welded into one piece for greater stability. The 100 series “Challenger” reels are made to be lightweight with a space-saving design. They have a U-frame and work for applications up to 4000 PSI. Certain 100 series reels are also made specifically for welding hose. The 1125 series “Competitor” hose reels have an A-frame design with an open drum slot and low profile riser for easier retraction. They work for applications up to 3000 PSI. The 1125 series also has reels made for power cords and welding cable. The 112Y series are strictly storage reels. The 112Y series also features an open slot on the side to have easy access to the hose. One type has a U-frame design, while another type is caddy mounted for portability. Besides the caddy mount reels, there are also dolly mounted reels that can be wheeled to a job site. The 1175 “Competitor” series is similar to the 1125 series, except it can accommodate larger diameter hoses. The 1185 series handles even larger diameter hoses than the 1175 series. The 1275W series is another type of reel made for welding hoses, specifically twin line hose. There is also a V100 series reel made for vacuum hoses, in order to eliminate fumes or particles from a work site. It has a U-frame for a compact design.

Many of the hand crank reels are made to order, with a delivery time of up to 17 business days, however some of the more popular models are typically in stock and can ship within 2 business days. Each series is useful for different types of applications and industries, some of the most common being manufacturing, maintenance & repair, mining & construction, and transportation. If you need assistance in choosing a hose reel, we have a handy Guide to Choosing a Hose Reel as well as an application chart.