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Red Lion PAXCDC30 DeviceNet Option Card

Red Lion DeviceNet Option Card
Red Lion PAXCDC30 DeviceNet Option Card

Our Price: $139.00
MFG: Red Lion
Weight (lbs): 0.2

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Product Code: PAXCDC30


The Red Lion PAXCDC30 is a DeviceNet option card. It is intended for use only with the PAX series of Red Lion panel meters. It can accommodate polling, bit strobe and explicit message commands, with baud rates of 125K, 250K, or 500K. This option card will work in the communications slot of a PAX panel meter, to permit DeviceNet bus communication. Both the baud rate and the MAC ID can be adjusted using a DIP switch. An LED indicator will show the status of the unit as it relates to the DeviceNet bus.


Power Supply
  • Source- Supplied by the DeviceNet bus, which does not power the PAX
  • Voltage- 11 to 25V DC
  • Current- Nominal: 40 mA at 25 VDC.
    Inrush: 550 mA for 5 msec at 25 VDC
  • Compatibility- Group 2 Server Only, not UCMM capable
  • Baud Rates- 125K, 250K, 500K
  • Bus Interface- Phillips 82C250 or equivalent with mis-wiring protection per
    DeviceNet Volume 1 Section 10.2.2
  • Node Isolation- Bus powered, isolated node
  • Host Isolation- 500 Vrms for 1 minute (50 V working) between DeviceNet
    and PAX input common
  • Bus Connection-
    12 V+
    13 CAN_H
    14 CAN_L
    15 V-
    Shield: No Connection
Factory Settings
  • Baud Rate- 125 KBs
  • MAC ID- 63
  • Strobe Register- 07h
  • Polling Flags- All on
  • Swap Data Flag- Off
  • Store Flags- All on
  • Device Profile- This product conforms to the DeviceNet specification
    Volumes I and II of version 2.0
  • Device Configuration- No DeviceNet configuration is supported.
    However, some PAX unit configuration is supported.

Red Lion PAX CDC DeviceNet Option Card User Manual

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