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Macromatic PMP575 575V Plug-in Phase Monitor Relay

Macromatic PMP575
Macromatic PMP575 575V Plug-in Phase Monitor Relay

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The Macromatic PMP575 is a three phase monitor electrical relay that monitors for several different types of phase errors. This 8 pin plug in relay has an adjustable nominal voltage of 460-600V, with an output of 10A SPDT. The LED on top will be green if everything is functioning correctly. If the relay finds an error, the LED glows or blinks red. The diagram on top of the unit shows how the LED will indicate the current status. The PMP575 uses an 8 pin 70169-D octal socket. Note: Image is an approximation. Actual part may differ.

Monitors For:
Phase Reversal
Phase Loss
Phase Unbalance


  • Relay Function- Three Phase
  • Nominal Voltage- 460-600V AC
  • Minimum Voltage- 345 V
  • Maximum Voltage- 660 V
  • Power Consumption- < 40VA
  • Output- 10A SPDT
  • Phase Reversal- Trips if rotation is something other than A-B-C
  • Phase Loss- Trips if Phase A, B or C is lost
  • Undervoltage- Adjustable from 80-95% of nominal. Trips when the average of all 3 lines is less than the set point for longer than the trip delay. Resets at +3% of the undervoltage setting.
  • Over Voltage- Set at 110% of nominal. Trips when the average of all 3 lines is greater than the set point for longer than the trip delay. Resets at 107% of nominal.
  • Phase Unbalance- Adjustable from 2-10%. Trips when one of the 3 lines diverges from the average by more than the set point for longer than the set trip delay.
  • Operating Temperature- -28 C to 65 C (-18 F to 149 F)
  • Storage Temperature- -40 C to 85 C (-40 F to 185 F)
  • Output Contacts- 10A @ 277V AC / 7A @ 30V DC; 1 HP @ 250V AC, 1/2HP @ 125V AC, C300 Pilot Duty
  • Life- Mechanical: 10,000,000 Operations, Full Load: 100,000 Operations
  • Response Time- Restart: 1-300 sec adjustable
    Phase Loss/Reversal: 100ms
    Over/Undervoltage: 0.3-30 sec adjustable
    Normal Unbalance: 0.3-30 sec adjustable
    Severe Unbalance: 0.3-2 sec
  • Dimensions- 2.4" H x 1.7" W x 3" D
  • Approvals- UL and CUL Recognized, CE, C-UL-US Listed (with Socket)

Macromatic PMP Series Relay Installation Manual

Macromatic PMP575 Phase Monitor Relay

Additional Product Information

Like other phase monitor relays, the PMP575 utilizes "True RMS voltage measurement". Analog to digital sensing circuitry in True RMS voltage measurement allows the relay to be more precise in monitoring phases and voltages. One useful feature is that even if a phase is lost, it can still monitor all the voltages while indicating the fault. It is important that this relay be used with a 600V rated socket if the system voltage is above 300V. These relays are ideal for heavy duty applications, such as in the mining or petrochemical industries. 575V applications can often be found in Canada as well. The unit energizes after a Restart Delay when voltage is introduced, as long as the phases stay in the right order. If a phase error is detected, it de-energizes after a delay. Once the error is fixed, it will energize again on its own. It is possible to have a manual reset if an external momentary N.C. switch is attached to pins 6 and 7.

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