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Limit Switches from Suns

The line of limit switches from Suns includes safety limit switches which provide solutions for a number of industries and are made for dependable performance. The SND4 series is the most commonly found group of limit switches, which feature glass fiber reinforced plastic housings and separated contacts. Cable entries include M20 and 1/2" NPT sizes. They have a single conduit and a snap action or slow action contact block, which is interchangeable. They are compatible with switches from other manufacturers, such as Honeywell, Panasonic, and Omron. The HLS series are heavy duty limit switches with zinc alloy housings with 1/2" threaded holes. They are made to operate under more demanding conditions, and are also compatible with switches from other manufacturers. Lever arms for the HLS series can be purchased separately, which include adjustable and fixed rollers of various sizes. Cross reference charts for both types are also available, listing out options by manufacturer.

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8/30/2016 - Suns Safety Limit Switches