Circuited 11mm Form B DIN 43650 Connectors

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11mm Form B DIN 43650 Connectors with Circuit Options

Major Electronix offers a number of different circuited Form B DIN connectors with 11mm pin spacing. Available from HTP and Omal, these Form B DIN connectors come with different circuit options, including LED indicators, MOV surge suppression or diodes. LED indicators confirm voltage supply, while MOV suppression or diodes give overvoltage protection to the source and load. Those with MOV suppression (also called a varistor) also feature 24V, 110-120V, or 230V LEDs. The LED indicators on the HTP connectors come in 24V, 110-120V, or 230V versions, while the Omal DIN connectors have 10-50V, 24V or 120V LEDs. The HTP DIN 43650 connectors are available with or without a gasket and can fit 5-10mm cable. The Omal Form B connectors have PG 9 cable entries or 1/2" NPT for conduit. The Omal DIN 43650 connectors come with a thermoplastic flat gasket and the HTP connectors can have an NBR profile, NBR flat or EPDM flat gasket. Being water resistant, these Form B DIN connectors are ideal for hydraulic or pneumatic applications.