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Cable Carrier Dividers, Separators, & End Brackets Self Supporting Cable Carrier Chains

Cable Carrier Drag Chains

The cable carrier chains from CPS currently available through Major Electronix includes self supporting cable drag chains. These cable carrier chains vary in terms of frame style, divider options, and bending radius. They are typically made from glass fiber reinforced polyamide and feature a wide operating temperature range of -30 C to 130 C. They are designed to produce less noise and support cables for a longer distance. As they are sold by the link, a handy cable chain calculator helps determine how many links are needed for the length the application requires. Accessories such as end brackets, separators, and dividers are also sold separately. Separators and dividers keep cables organized while end brackets are used to attach the cable drag chain.

Cable Carrier Chain Articles

5/12/2017 - CPS ST Series Cable Carriers are Self Supporting