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Sealcon Female Thread M23 Panel Mount Signal Connector, 19 Pole

Sealcon 19 Pole Panel Mount Female Thread M23 Connector

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Our Price: $19.44

MFG: Sealcon

Product Code: M23-PF19



Crimp Contacts

Additional Crimp Contacts:


The Sealcon M23 panel mounted signal connector features a 19 pole insert and female threads. The body is copper-zinc alloy with a nickel plated brass surface and gold plated brass alloy contacts. Housings are available three ways: with coding option, without coding option, or rear mount. Inserts take sixteen 1mm contacts and three 1.5mm contacts. Housings, male/female inserts & optional crimp contacts are selected based on customer preference. Male or female inserts can be fitted in the same type of housing, which increases adaptability. The Sealcon 7.010.900.101 tool is needed for assembly. Operating temperature: - 40 C to 125 C (- 40 F to 257 F). Rated IP 67 / IP 69K, NEMA 4x. Note: Image is for reference, actual part may differ.


  • No tools are necessary to install or remove crimp contacts - Less risk of damage to the insert or contacts due to repeated installation or removal. The Euro Lock System inside the insert keeps the contacts in place
  • Crimp contacts machined
  • Solder contacts for dip soldering for PC boards
  • SLS (Spring Loaded Sockets) for high vibration environments - Socket contacts have an integrated spring to increase the reliability of the connection and add support, up to 50g of shock and 10g continuous force.
  • Color coded spacers for male and female inserts
  • UL & CSA approvals
  • RoHS & Deca BDE compliant


  1. Select a housing - Panel connector housings offer 3 different flange types. Optional: Flat Gasket TADI-7P2510 for housings with or without coding option (not for rear mount housings).
  2. Select an insert - 19 pole male (pin) and female (socket) inserts are available with dip solder contacts or no contacts (for crimping). Inserts with ground (PE) have the ground located at the 12th contact point
  3. Select optional crimp contacts - Choose from either 1mm pin or socket crimp contacts (sold in sets of 16). Then select either 1.5 pins or sockets (sold in groups of 3). Please Note: Separate contacts are not needed for inserts with soldered contacts (choose the No Contacts Required options)

Sealcon Female Panel Mount 19 Pin M23 Signal Connector

Additional Product Information
Contact Diameter- 1mm (16), 1.5mm (3)
Nominal current- 8 A (1mm), 10 A (1.5mm)
Nominal voltage (Degree of protection 2)- 320 V
Nominal voltage (Degree of protection 3)- 100 V
Test voltage (Breakdown voltage)- 1500 V
Insulation resistance- >10 MOhm
Max. contact resistance- 3 mOhm
Crimp Contacts Crimp Range
7.010.901.031: 0.08 mm2 - 0.56 mm2, AWG 28 - AWG 20
7.010.901.001: 0.14 mm2 - 1.0 mm2, AWG 26 - AWG 17
7.010.901.012: 0.08 mm2 - 0.56 mm2, AWG 28 - AWG 20
7.010.901.002: 0.34 mm2 - 1 mm2, AWG 22 - AWG 17
7.010.901.021: 1 mm2 - 1.5 mm2, AWG 17 - AWG 16
7.010.901.022: 0.75 mm2 - 1.5 mm2, AWG 18 - AWG 16
7.010.901.501: 0.14 mm2 - 1 mm2, AWG 26 - AWG 17
7.010.901.512: 0.14 mm2 - 0.56 mm2, AWG 26 - AWG 20
7.010.901.502: 0.34 mm2 - 1 mm2, AWG 22 - AWG 17

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