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Red Lion N-Tron Multimode, LC Style Gigabit Ethernet Switch, 500 M

N-Tron 1003GX2 DIN-Rail Ethernet Switch
Red Lion N-Tron 1003GX2-SX Multimode, LC Style Gigabit Ethernet Switch, 500 M

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Price: $731.12
MFG P/N: 1003GX2-SX
MFG: Red Lion N-Tron
Weight (lbs): 0.75

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The Red Lion N-Tron ® Series 1003GX2-SX is an unmanaged three port Gigabit Industrial Ethernet Switch. Housed in a hardened metal, DIN-Rail enclosure, the 1003GX2-SX features 500m multimode fiber optic cable with an LC style fiber connector. Made for industrial data acquisition, control & Ethernet I/O applications.


  • Compact Size, Small Footprint
  • Full IEEE 802.3, 802.3u, 802.3z & 803.2ab Compliance
  • (1) RJ-45 10/100/1000BaseT Port
  • (2) 1000BaseSX/LX SFP Ports
  • Unmanaged Operation
  • Extended Environmental Specifications
  • -40 C to 85 C Operating Temperature
  • >2M Hours MTBF
  • RJ-45 Port Supports Full/Half Duplex Operation
  • Up to 6 Gb/s Maximum Throughput
  • MDIX Auto Cable Sensing (RJ-45)
  • RJ-45 Port Auto Senses Speed and Flow Control
  • Full Wire Speed Communications
  • Supports up to 1,024 MAC Addresses
  • Store-and-forward Technology
  • Redundant Power Inputs (10-30 VDC)
  • LED Link/Activity Status Indication
  • Hardened Metal DIN-Rail Enclosure

The N-TRON 1003GX2-SX Gigabit Industrial Ethernet Switch is designed to solve the most demanding industrial communications requirements while providing high throughput and minimum downtime. The 1003GX2-SX provides one RJ-45 auto sensing 10/100/1000BaseT port and two 1000BaseSX/LX SFP ports. The RJ-45 port is full/half duplex capable, using "state of the art" Ethernet switching technology. The 1003GX2-SX auto-negotiates the speed and flow control capabilities of the RJ-45 port and configures itself automatically. The 1000BaseSX/LX ports use SFP transceivers with LC style connectors. The 1003GX2-SX is configured for full duplex operation. Since the 1003GX2-SX is auto sensing, there will be no need to make extensive wiring changes if upgrades are made to the host computers, plant systems, or Ethernet I/O modules. The switching fabric simply scales up or down automatically to match your specific network environment. The 1003GX2-SX supports up to 1,024 MAC addresses, thus enabling these products to support extremely sophisticated and complex network architectures. The N-TRON 1003GX2-SX is an ideal candidate for upgrading existing hubs and repeaters to increase bandwidth and determinism by virtually eliminating network collisions. The 1003GX2-SX also keeps the network affordable, while maintaining the plug & play simplicity of the unmanaged hub. The 1003GX2-SX has extended operating environmental specifications to meet the harsh needs of the industrial environment. For cost savings and convenience the 1003GX2-SX can be DIN-Rail mounted alongside Ethernet I/O or other Industrial Equipment. The unique compact size provides a smaller footprint, conserving space in the most critical dimension. In addition, as with other DIN-Rail devices, the 1003GX2-SX can be panel mounted. To increase reliability the 1003GX2-SX provides dual redundant power inputs. LEDs are provided to display the link status and activity of each port as well as power on/off status.

Red Lion N-Tron Series 1003GX2 User Manual

Unmanaged Ethernet Switch Comparison Chart

Unmanaged Gigabit Capable Ethernet Switch

Additional Product Information
Height: 4" (10.16 cm)
Width: 1" (2.54 cm)
Depth: 3.61" (9.17 cm)
Weight: 0.76 lbs. (0.34 kg)
DIN-Rail: 35mm
Fiber Length: 500m
Input Voltage: 10-30V DC
Steady Input Current: 200mA@24V
BTU/hr: 16.4@24V
Inrush: 13Amp/0.8ms@24V
Operating Temperature: -40 C to 85 C
Storage Temperature: -40 C to 85 C
Operating Humidity: 10% to 95%
(Non Condensing)
Operating Altitude: 0 to 10,000 ft.
Network Media
10BaseT: >Cat3 Cable
100BaseTX: >Cat5 Cable
1000BaseT: >Cat5e Cable
1000BaseSX Multimode: 50-62.5/125 µm
10/100/1000BaseT: One RJ-45 TX Copper Port
1000BaseSX/LX SFP: Two SFP LC Duplex Gigabit Fiber Ports
Industrial Network Switch
Compact Size, Smaller Footprint
High Reliability / Availability
Extended Environmental Specifications
Hardened Metal DIN-Rail Enclosure
High Performance
High MTBF >2M Hours
ESD Protection Diodes on RJ-45 Port
Surge Protection Diodes on Power Inputs
Ease of Use
Plug & Play Operation
RJ-45 Auto Sensing 10/100/1000BaseT Port
RJ-45 Auto Sensing Duplex, Speed, & Cable Type Port
Compact DIN-Rail Design
Increased Performance
Full Wire Speed Capable
Two 1000BaseSX/LX Fiber Uplinks
Full Duplex Capable
Eliminates Network Collisions
Increases Network Determinism