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Macromatic VWKP480A 480V AC Voltage Band Relay

Macromatic VWKP480A Voltage Band Relay
Macromatic VWKP480A 480V AC Voltage Band Relay

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The Macromatic VWKP480A is a voltage monitor relay. This 8 Pin plug-in relay has a nominal voltage of 480V AC and an output of 10A SPDT. This voltage band relay is used for equipment that has to work within a certain voltage range. The VWKP480A features adjustable over and under voltage presets, as well as an adjustable drop out time delay ranging from 0.1-10 sec. The VWKP480A has an LED that is red to indicate when the unit is energized or green when it is not. It uses an 8 Pin 70169-D octal socket. Note: Image is an approximation. Actual part may differ.


  • Relay Function- Voltage Band
  • Nominal Voltage- 480V AC
  • Output- 10A SPDT
  • Drop-out Time Delay- 0.1-10 sec
  • Over Voltage Range- 360-600V AC
  • Under Voltage Range- 270-570V AC (75-95% of Nominal)
  • Load- 30VA
  • Operating Temperature- -28 C to 65 C (-18 F to 149 F)
  • Storage Temperature- -40 C to 85 C (-40 F to 185 F)
  • Voltage Tolerance- +/-50% of Nominal Voltage
  • Setting Accuracy- Max setting (Adjustable): +5%, -0%, Min setting (Adjustable): +0%, -50%, Fixed Voltage Setting: +/- 2%
  • Repeatability- < 1%
  • Sensing Accuracy- Constant conditions within specs: +/- 2%, Variable conditions within specs: +/- 5%
  • Output Contacts- 10A @ 240V AC, 7A @ 30V DC, 1/4HP @ 120/240V AC, C300
  • Life- Mechanical: 10,000,000 Operations
    Full Load: 100,000 Operations
  • Response Time- Restart: 1 Second
    Pick-up: 0.5 seconds
    Drop-out: 0.1-10 seconds
  • Reset- Automatic
  • Transient Protection- 2000 volts per IEC 61000-4-5 Level 3 (+/- 2kV)
  • Dimensions- 2.4" Height x 1.7" Width x 3.5" Depth
  • Approvals- UL and CUL recognized, CE, UL & CUL listed (with Socket)

Macromatic VWKP Series Relay Installation Manual

480V AC Voltage Band Monitor Relay Macromatic VWKP480A

Additional Product Information

When the voltage stays between the preset over and under voltage settings, the unit stays energized. If the voltage goes over or under the preset range for a greater duration than the drop-out time delay, it de-energizes. Once the voltage goes back within the safety range for a longer duration than the 0.5 sec pick up delay, the relay is energized again.

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