Coxreels SG & SGW Spring Driven Reels

June 24, 2013

Coxreels SG series reelThe SG and SGW lines of side mount spring driven reels from Coxreels all feature a multi-position guide arm for greater control. With the use of a standard 1/2" wrench, the guide arm can be moved to one of six positions, which should be positioned so it faces the work area. Both left and right side mounted versions are available and they can be attached to any flat, vertical surface, such as tool benches, lifts, beams and walls. The SG & SGW spring driven reels are specifically made to fit into compact areas. The SGW series spring reels are welding reels which feature duel fuel gas hoses or oxygen-acetylene dual hoses, along with a dual ported swivel. The SGW series consists of low pressure reels, while the SG series comes in low, medium or high pressure versions.

Also referred to as "Safety Series" reels, both the SG & SGW useful for similar applications, and can be found at construction sites and in industrial environments. The SGW series has Viton swivel seals, while the swivel seals on the SG series are made from nitrile rubber.

Like other hose & cable reels from Coxreels, the side mounted spring reels feature steel construction and are sealed with a CPC powder coat finish. They have heavy duty spun discs with rolled edges to provide greater strength with a lubricated cartridge style spring motor.