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Macromatic TR-6162U Time Delay Relay, Off Delay, 24-240VAC

Macromatic TR-6162U Time Delay Relay
Macromatic TR-6162U Time Delay Relay, Off Delay, 24-240VAC

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Our Price: $62.09
MFG P/N: TR-6162U
MFG: Macromatic
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The Macromatic TR-6162U is an Off Delay Time Delay Relay. This programmable multi-range plug-in relay has a universal input voltage of 24-240V AC & 12-125V DC at 50/60Hz, with 10A DPDT output contacts. It has 16 built in time ranges, from 0.05 sec to 100 hours, using a rotary switch. Fine tuning within the time range is done with the potentiometer switch. The TR-6162U uses an 11 pin 70170-D octal socket. This relay replaces TR-61621, TR-61622, TR-61626, & TR-61628. Note: Image is an approximation. Actual part may differ.

Dial Setting Timing Range
A 0.05-0.5 sec
B 0.1-1 sec
C 0.5-5 sec
D 1-10 sec
E 3-30 sec
F 6-60 sec
G 0.2-2 min
H 0.5-5 min
I 1-10 min
J 3-30 min
K 6-60 min
L 0.2-2 hr
M 0.5-5 hr
N 1-10 hr
O 2.4-24 hr
P 10-100 hr


  • Function- Off Delay
  • Timing Range- 0.05 Sec - 100 Hours
  • Input Voltage- 24-240V AC & 12-125V DC
  • Output- 10A DPDT
  • Voltage Tolerance- AC Operation: 20.4-264V at 50/60 Hz.
    DC Operation: 10.2-137.5V
  • Load- 3VA max.
  • Setting Accuracy- Maximum Setting: +5%, -0%
    Minimum Setting: +0%, -50%
  • Repeat Accuracy- Greater amount of +/- 0.1% or +/- 50ms
  • Reset Time- 0.04 Seconds
  • Start Up Time- 0.05 Sec
  • Maintain Function Time- 0.01 Sec
  • Operating Temperature- -28 C to 65 C (-18 F to 150 F)
  • Storage Temperature- -40 C to 85 C (-40 F to 185 F)
  • Output Contacts- DPDT 10A @ 240V AC/30V DC,
    1/2HP @ 120/240V AC (N.O.), 1/3HP @ 120/240V AC (N.C.)
    B300 & R300 (N.O.); AC15 & DC13
  • Life- Mechanical: 10,000,000 Operations, Full Load: 100,000 Operations
  • Dimensions- 2.4" H x 1.7" W x 3.5" D
  • Approvals- UL & CUL recognized, CE, UL & CUL listed (with Socket)

Macromatic TR-6 Series Relay Installation Instructions

Macromatic TR-6162U 11 Pin Plug In Time Delay Relay

Additional Product Information

The Off Delay function means that the relay is energized through the use of a trigger, and the time delay starts when the trigger is taken out. The relay becomes de-energized once the time delay stops. In order for the time delay to be reset, the trigger needs to be re-introduced.

Explanation of Macromatic Time Delay Relay Timing Functions

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