Suns Limit Switches Overview

The line of Suns limit switches includes both heavy duty and safety limit switches. They are useful for a wide range of applications and industries. Limit switches are designed to control the operation of machinery or equipment. Each type has a variety of switch operators to choose from and can be crossed with switches from other manufacturers.

  • Zinc alloy housings
  • 1/2" NPT conduit size
  • High repeat accuracy
  • Made for use in demanding environments
  • Spring coil, rotary head, plunger, wobble stick operation
  • Lever arms sold separately
  • Cross reference chart
HLS Heavy Duty Switches

  • Glass fiber reinforced plastic housings
  • M20 & 1/2" NPT conduit sizes
  • Separated contacts
  • Snap action or slow action contact block
  • Single conduit
  • Spring coil, rotary lever, adjustable rod, plunger, roller, wobble stick, roller lever operation
  • Cross reference chart
SND4 Safety Limit Switches