Sealcon Multi-hole Nylon Cord Grips

February 12, 2014

Sealcon multi-hole nylon cord gripsThe complete line of Sealcon multi-hole nylon cord grips are available for purchase through the online store or over the phone. When needing a strain relief for several smaller size cables, the standard sizes will not be applicable. Sealcon strain relief cord grips that come with multi-hole inserts help to that end. These dome strain relief fittings come in black or gray nylon plastic, in metric, NPT or PG sizes, with a wide range of inserts. The inserts are made from elastomer and feature holes of different diameters to suit your cable size. Inserts can have anywhere from 1 to 10 holes, depending on the size and type of the cord grip.

Like other inserts, such as the reduced or flat cable Romex inserts, these multi-hole inserts can be swapped out to increase the adaptability of the fitting. Strain relief cord grips are also available with solid plug inserts, which can be drilled to fit a custom size cable. Drilling a solid plug is often the better option when a small amount of custom size strain reliefs is needed. These cord grips can meet the NEMA 4x / IP 65 rating, however certain requirements must be met. The cable cannot be less than 80% of the size of the hole, and the size difference between cable and the hole cannot go over 1 mm (0.04").