Red Lion Industrial Ethernet Switches & Panel Meters

Red Lion N-Tron® Series Ethernet Switches

N-TRON is a series of Red Lion. N-TRON is involved in the creation and marketing of a wide range of industrial Ethernet switches. These switches are especially useful in mission-critical MIS, data acquisition, and control applications. They are built to stand up to the stresses of the industrial environment. The different series of switches available are each able to deal with a high amount of use, with only a minimal amount of downtime. Our overview page provides further info on each N-Tron series.

Red Lion Sixnet® Series Ethernet Switches

Sixnet is also a series of Red Lion. This consists of the SL Light SlimLine series and the SLX Standard SlimLine series. These managed and unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches are ideal for use in more extreme environments such as power and transportation. View our Sixnet page to find out more info for each series.

Red Lion Panel Meters

Major Electronix currently offers four series of panel meters, C48, PAX, PAX Lite, and PAX2 Dual Line. Each series has different specifications. View our comparison chart to help choose the type that is best for your application.