Omal Din 43650 Connectors

April 8, 2013

OMAL 43650 DIN connectors from MencomMajor Electronix is now offering the line of Omal Din 43650 connectors. This includes Form A, Form B and Form C connectors in both hardwired and molded cable versions. All three forms are available as either 2 + ground or 3 + ground. The molded cable DIN connectors come in varying lengths, ranging from 2 meters up to 10. Connectors with or without circuits are available, with options including LED indicators, diodes, or MOV surge suppression. The different voltages consist of 10-50V, 24V and 120V circuits. All connectors come with a thermoplastic flat gasket and center screw. They all have polyamide housings with silver plated copper alloy contacts. Non-circuited, hardwired DIN connectors can come with either gray or black housings. DIN connectors with molded cable use black PVC.

The different forms of DIN connectors can be classified by certain characteristics, the most distinctive being the pin spacing. Form A DIN connectors have 18mm pin spacing. Form B has 10mm or 11mm pin spacing, while form C comes in either 8mm or 9.4mm versions. They also all accommodate different cable entry sizes.

The line of Omal Din connectors is currently being added to the Major Electronix website. More connectors will continue to be added, including DIN to M12 receptacle and DIN to M12 cable plug versions. They can be found in many different applications.