Mencom NAN M8 Molded Cordset Part Number Guide

This part number chart explains the various options for the Mencom NAN series of M8 molded cordsets. Further descriptions of some of the options are below the chart. Click the chart to view it larger in a new tab.

Mencom NAN Series M8 Molded Cordset Part Number Guide

* Note: Not all options are available for every type of NAN M8 cable*

Explanations of Options

NAN - Also referred to as Nano or Pico

Cable Materials:
PVC - Poly Vinyl Chloride - Industry Standard (-40 C to 105 C)
PUR - Polyurethane - Resistant to oil and abrasions (-40 C to 80 C)

Connection Type:
Snap On - Available in 3 & 4 pole inserts - Connector pushed on to mating part with a click
Thread On - Available in 3, 4, & 6 pole inserts - Uses threaded coupling nut that is tightened

Transistor Type (for lighted M8 Cordsets):
PNP - Normally Open - +Brown (1), Black (4), -Blue (3) - Thread On
NPN - Normally Open - -Blue (3), Black (4), +Brown (1) - Snap On

M8 Lighted Cordset circuits