Mencom M12 Field Wireable Plugs

March 15, 2013

Mencom M12 Field Wireable PlugA selection of Mencom M12 hardwired connectors, or field wireable plugs, is now being offered through the Major Electronix website. Called the Micro DC, or MDC, series these field wireable plugs utilize an M12 coupling nut. Like the name implies, M12 refers to the size of the mating thread. Because they are field wireable, also known as hardwired, wires need to be inserted into the screw terminals. The M12 plugs, along with the rest of the Mencom MDC line, offer plug and play solutions to a variety of industrial applications. They are mainly used as sensor connectors in transmitters and other similar types of equipment.

Major Electronix offers 4, 5, and 8 pole MDC (M12) field wireable plugs through the online store. Male or female, straight or right angle plugs are available in a variety of sizes including PG 7, PG 9 and PG 11. They are made to be liquid tight and are compatible with other types of Mencom connectors, specifically the M12 receptacles. They feature black housings made from polyamide, with gold plated copper alloy contacts. Polyamide is a material used for its strength and durability.