Mencom Solenoid Valve Connector Part Number Guide

This part number chart explains the various options for the DIN 43650 solenoid valve connectors from Mencom. Further descriptions of some of the options are below the chart. Click the chart to view it larger.

Mencom Solenoid Valve Connector Part Number Guide

* Note: Not all options are available for every type of DIN 43650 Solenoid Valve Connector*

Explanations of Options

DIN Form A - 18 mm Pin Spacing - U Shaped Pins - Square Base
DIN Form B - 10 or 11 mm Pin Spacing - 3 Flat Blade or 2 U Shaped & 1 Flat Blade - Rectangle Base
DIN Form C - 8 or 9.4 mm Pin Spacing - Flat Blade Pins - Square Base

LED - Confirms voltage supply
Diode - Gives overvoltage protection by redirecting a surge
MOV - Gives overvoltage protection to source & load
Bridge Rectifiers - Converts AC input into DC output
Zener Diode - Redirects surges in the event of an overvoltage error

Refers to standard cable, gaskets, or DIN connectors with M12, M8, or MIN connectors

*See our Guide to DIN 43650 Connectors for more information*