Meltric DSN Decontactor Series Power Connectors

Meltric Decontactor Series

The Meltric DSN Decontactor series is a line of switch rated connectors ideal for washdown applications. It is comprised of DSN20, DSN30, DSN60, and DSN150 models. The numbers refer to the current rating of the connector. They have a quick disconnect and have features designed to increase safety.

Common Features:

  • Space-saving housings
  • Provides a watertight connection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Prevents contact with active parts
  • No risk of arc flash
  • Durable construction
  • Plug and play capability
  • UL switch ratings

Complete Assembly:

  • Female Receptacle Features
    • Safety Shutter - covers over contacts when plug is removed
    • Spring Loaded Contacts - ensures correct contact pressure
    • Quick Break Mechanism - push button detaches plug
    • Enclosed Arc Chamber - keeps chance of arc flash inside
    • Spring Assisted Terminals - creates a secure connection
  • Male Inlet Features
    • Sliver Nickel Contacts - 85% silver, 15% nickel, durable and highly conductive
    • Lockout/Tagout Capability - 5/16" hole in housing for padlock
  • Adapters have varying angles including straight, can be metal or nylon
    • Used with the female receptacles
    • Mounts the assembly at the ideal angle
    • Downward adapters are beneficial for washdown applications
  • Handles are straight or angled, varied cable entry sizes
    • Used with male inlets
    • Threaded handles used with a cable gland are best for washdown applications